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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yesterday during dinnet, my brother told the family "I dissected a frog yesterday!"
And i was like    =.="

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ayuh! bangun dengan membawa sinar harapan bersama “ Viva Palestina Malaysia” pada Ahad ini, 24 Januari   2010 dalam  kempen memboikot Israel.

There will be a challenge to prepare TWO (2) multimedia presentatios and a supporting artwork about the Palestine issue.

This presentation is for the official launching of Viva Palestina Malaysia on March 3rd, 2010.
And i know, there are a lot of my friends, whom are VERY talented in making video presentations, so do hand in your artwork, if time permits! =)

The following details are copied, edited and pasted from www.intechemistry.wordpress.com.
Task: To prepare 2 multimedia presentations (flash or whatever popular/common format) about the Palestine issue and supporting artwork (an A2 poster, which can also be printed in A4 size).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What is?
Korean dramas laaaa....

1. The heroin is too cute, too silly, too nice, too naive, too kind hearted, too...........................

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First week of sem 3 had just ended.
Wow, sem 3...
Time sure flies.... =)

The week kicked start beautifully, with Diana registering into IMU as a first year Pharmacy student. I even attended her white coat ceremony. Since Pharm stdnts are not as many as Medicine, they have a special robing ceremony.
Seniors will put on the white coat onto each new student. I cant imagine how long will it take if they do the same for Medical stdnts.

But, only the first week, i started to feel how heavy this sem will be.
Although rumors had it that semester 3 wont be as difficult as sem 2, it is still scary...
There are no more "intro" lectures.
We had a one hour lecture on ECG alone, confusing me with all the leads and vectors. And surely, the lecturer's accent did not help much.

I think i rarely post a Malay language post, but i got this article from an IMU senior's blog. I dont have the time to translate it into English, plus it may not be original if i translate it.
I might just put in some of my opinion in it.
So i guess i'd better just copy paste it.
Enjoy... =)

Kalau perempuan tidak boleh memasak, dikutuk dan disuruh belajar. Kalau lelaki tak boleh jadi imam kita kata ok saja. Jangan diperbesarkan nanti mereka terasa hati...

Wanita sepatutnya buat begitu juga. Syarat utama menjadi suami mesti boleh menjadi imam. Walau ada yang kata, jika itu syaratnya bermakna makin ramai wanita yang hidup bujang seumur hidup!