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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nope, i'm not writing abt the normal-human-discovering-superhuman-abilities-on-themselves American tv series.
It's abt the REAL movie heroes.

My mum raised this point to me once, long-long time ago....
She said,

"Why are all the "heroes" now, look so cute? Girlish? And soft? During my time, the heroes were vry tough, macho-looking and "huge"...."

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

27th Dec 09

11.00 pm - I was chatting in YM.
11.12 pm - I received an sms.
Salam. Egypt is blocking the humanitarian convoy to Palestine. People in convoy stranded in Jordan have gone on hungerstrike! Viva Palestina Malaysia will hand over a letter of appeal to d egyptian embassy in KL tomorrow. VPM appeal 4 people 2 turn up as a sign of support. Customisable map to the embassy = http://tinyurl.com/yd3vauz. Please be there at 12.00 noon and pass on this message. Tq
My heart leapt.
I wanna go to the embassy the next day...!
I'll give up almost all plans i hv the nxt day just to be there...

Monday, December 28, 2009


A year after the Israeli military offensive on Gaza, the people there are still in dire straits.
IT has been a year since the Dec 27 Israeli strike on Gaza. Just a day ago, Haifa, my Palestinian friend who lives in Gaza City, e-mailed me about the situation inside.
“GAZA! I don’t know where to start. People here are alive and not alive at the same time. The situation is really bad and getting worse every day. Nothing has changed since the war. People are still living in tents and the borders are still closed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Tanggal 27 Disember 2009 hingga 18 Januari 2010 menandakan ulang tahun pertama kezaliman rejim Zionis Israel terhadap rakyat Palestin di Gaza. Selama 22 hari, Israel membedil Gaza dengan bom, fosforus putih dan menggempurnya dengan jet pejuang F16, helikopter tempur, angkatan kapal laut , kereta kebal dan tentera bersenjata.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last two nights (Wed 9th Dec 09), I went to watch the theatre ‘Natrah’ in Istana Budaya, KL. Since my mum’s a fan of theatre, and I was somehow introduced to it since small, I fell in love with it too. Sadly, theatre is always very costly so, we will only go and watch if there is a concession price, like this one.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This post is specially dedicated to Diana Rizal for publishing her first post in her blog. Haha....

Although the first post took her a very long time (she says), it was a worth one. Interesting and very detailed. =P

Hope she will continue writing (though she says she's lazy to write).


Monday, December 7, 2009

Brands available: Toshiba, Fujitsu, Lenovo, MSI, Asus, Acer, HP, Sony, Dell

1) Lenovo does not recommend Windows 7 with Intel Atom.

2) Fujitsu, Toshiba and Dell recommend Win 7 with a netbook.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Like i predicted, the decision to limit SPM subjects taken by stdnts to 10 will be changed in a year's time. And it did, luckily.

But i dont really understand how it works this time. Because the news (The Star, Sat Dec 5 09) stated that stdnts are allowed to take Chinese or Tamil literature. So, what abt those science stream stdnts who intend to take Accountings or Economy etc?
Are they allowed to do so?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Since the commencement of the school holiday, my uncle put his two sons in my hse.
And these two 2 and 4 yr olds really turned my hse upside down but won our hearts at the same time.

I cant believe a boy can be so troublesome at one time but yet so lovable.

They can't still talk properly and i am still adapting to their language.
Our conversations:

1. "Heyy....Jgn mkn betul2!! Mkn tipu2 je....!!"
This was my dialogue when the 4 yr old took my car dashboard mat, and coook it like a roti canai, and serve me some. And he really tried to eat it despite using his bro's slippers as the spatula.

2. "Noooo!!! Don't play with thaaaatt.....!!"
This is also mine when the 2 yr old took a pair of chopsticks and turn them into zorro swords.

3. "Pegi kencing..pegi kencing...." (Me)
"Sy x cing..x cing...." (The 4 yr old)
This is heard every 2,3 hrs everyday. We are training the 4 yr old toilet manners. He's still wearing diapers at 4 yrs old! And if i forgot to remind him to go to the toilet....... everyone knows what happen. There was once he said "Sy nk cing, sy nk cing" in the car and my heart leapt. I drove even faster so that we reach home fast...

4. "Sape buat ni?" (My family or me, pointing to any wound on the 4 yr old.)
"Adik....." (The 4 yr old answered.)
Yes, that's the truth. The smaller one will bully the bigger one. And the bigger one will just run and run frm his younger bro but when he is angry........ok, let's not make him angry. Separate them when the 2 yr old started hitting the 4 yr old.

This video was recorded when the two kids were playing with each other. The smaller sized one is 2 yrs old while the bigger one is 4. Notice who is actually bullying who...

5. "Xde ke org nk main dgn bdk2 ni?" (Me in desperation when the two kids started messing up
with my laptop and room. Usually my two younger bros will be playing ultraman, naruto, spiderman, superman or juz any man with them)

And the list goes on.....

No wonder my mum said our hse was empty, without any decorations when me and my siblings were small. My mum cant even have a vase in the hse. It'll get destroyed in no time.
I dropped the television once, and it dropped right in front of my brother. But the tv survived! Until now, 15 yr old tv...

My mum cant even have picture frames arranged nicely on shelves, cute wall decorations, or nicely put antiques and elegant looking teapot set bcos me and my siblings will successfully destroy them. And now, my youngest brother is 13 yrs old, my mum has started decorating the hse.

Small miniature DIY bicycle on the shelve, photo frames on dressing table, flower vases (which i broke one last yr), and glasswares. My siblings collection of dvds and PS2 games arranged nicely in their respective folders near the TV cabinet. They are all gone now.

The bicycle lost its handle, photo frames broken, vases still there (bcos they are made of rattan, i broke the porcelain one), and DVDs hidden in my drawer. And my bros specs are bent.

The carpet in the main hall is always folded, never straightened and cushions upside down.
Fuh, how come i made these two boys sound more like little devils than little angels?

They are still angels, bcos they are kids. No matter what they do, they are innocent.

I asked the 4 yr old,
"Syg ayah x?"

"Syg mummy x?"


"Lg syg sape?"
"Sy syg kakak...."

And i melt...
Ok kid, do what u like.
Piss me off, make me angry, anything...as long as u say u love me... Hahahaha...

They were playing with my bro's roller blades..

But at times, i'm sad.
Here, my cousins and almost all kids in Malaysia get all the love they needed.
But what abt those in Palestine?
Life is totally the opposite for them.
Seeing their own parents being killed in front of them, blood shed almost everywhere.
And friends going out, without ever coming back...
They don't hv the childhood life the philosophers are boasting abt when America, Israel and their counterparts "peacefully" forcefully take from them when the whole world turning their blind eyes to the atrocity..
Wake up o people!
The children of Palestine need you!
Even my 2 yr old cousin will cry so hard everytime his father left them for work, (the 4 yr old being more understandind and didnt cry), imagine a Palestine kid losing their family members. Unbearable for me...!

Coming back to my two little angels, they look so sweet and cute when they were sleeping!
Haha.. Love them so much... But pls, adik2.. dont disturb my laptop, i love that laptop too...!! And it cost me a fortune buying it last time...


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1. I believe everything that happened to us, is of reasons and logic. Whatever they are, they are the best for us, for now or for the future.

2. I don't believe there shd be any regrets in life. Only embarassments and shamefullness and sad feeling of the bad things we did in the past shd be there and also a promise not to do it again in the future.
But my definition of regret is to sulk over things we did in the past and feel sad abt it but did not go on with life. Merely sulking. (Imagine those men in movies being dumped by their lover in movies and they regretted treating @ trusting the girl and ended up having long thick beards due to lack in motivation to shave for months) =P

3. We are trained in every possible way in everything we did. A simple conversation with someone simple might be just the thing saving us in the future.
Ok, this is funny. I hv an example:

Last Sunday, i met my aunt. And she told me that my uncle laughed at her bcos she doesnt know how to switch his new VAIO laptop on. Why? Because the switch is at the side, not at the center of the laptop, like most other laptops. It was a totally simple conversation btw me and aunt, bcos we had nothing else to talk abt.
Guess what? The vry nxt day, my bestfriend and her friend tried tricking me, asking me to switch a laptop on. And the "on" button isn't at the centre. HAHAHAHAHA..... Just if i didnt have the conversation with my aunt the day before, i wont be able to switch the laptop on as fast as i did that day. =)

4. Whatever i say now is what i think now. Ask me these very same things 5 yrs more, and i might or might not give the same statements.
5 yrs before this i told my mum i do not want to drive. Even after i start working (at that time i still has so many career ambitions, didnt know which to choose) no matter what profession it is, i wanted to take public transports. Only public transports. Reason? I'm scared of road traffic accidents. Been in RTAs so many times with my mums that i do not want to be in it especially when i'm the driver. 5 yrs on the road, i'm driving evryday to campus and an official family driver fetching and sending siblings to school, family members to supermarket etc etc.

~Because life is dynamic~


Monday, November 30, 2009

The Malaysian media is totally dependent on the so-called wire services (Reuters, AP, AFP, etc) for foreign news. As a result there has been no report on the Israeli desecration of the al-Aqsa mosque and the beating up of Palestinian Muslims who wanted to pray there.

I don't think the Malaysian media is deliberately blacking out news which are not in favour of Israel but if they depend solely on the wire services they would always be unfair to the victims of Israeli brutalities

We read very little about the blockade of Gaza and the sufferings of the people there.

What Israel is doing is illegal, but such is the control that Israel exercises on the international media that it can actually openly commit genocide and nothing would happen to it.

These are the people whom we had sympathised with because the Nazis of Germany tried to wipe out.

Now they are the ones doing the very thing they, or their forebears had suffered from in the past.

Akmar says:
Well, this is not my writing.
Dr M's. (Malaysians, pls know who he is)
I'm merely copying and pasting it here.
Still want to stay blinded?

Quoting Dr M DOESN'T make me a pro-govt. And saying this doesnt make me a pro-opposition. I prefer the truth and corruption free, wherever they may come from (and i guess many of us will know where they WONT come from). =P


Sunday, November 22, 2009


I've finished my first year of medical course!!! (ok, sounds lame... i know it)
But man, i do need to be proud of it don't i?
There are lots of things that happened during this 2nd semester of mine, history seems to keep repeating itself, me with my carefree lifestyle and almost panicking near the exam due to lack of revision, and not to forget, happiness and sorrows as a student.

One of the exam Qs was on "pass flatus". Honestly i hv no idea what flatus is. Asked my nurse aunt, and she laughed like mad. Pass flatus means fart-lah! Flatulence --> flatus...
Uhuhu.. And i'm pretty sure i gave the wrong answer for that Q.

Pathology. I suck at it. I bet Dr Sri laughed all the way through marking my paper. I put "neutrophils infiltration" in almost all microscopic photographs.

During the result taking day (Friday, 20th Nov 09), all my batchmates are at their palest condition. We were queueing up anxiously to get our results. It was a torture to queue up so long and it was another BIG challenge to tear the envelope and open the result statement.
I saw friends screamed in joy. Some of them jumped in happiness, some laughed their hearts out, some with pendant out of shirt collar signalling he had just kissed the pendant as a symbol of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness and some hugging each other.

Seeing more and more students getting good results, leaving me and those still queuing up fidgeting and tachycardia. Hearts beat faster, palms getting cold and sweating, lips smiling to friends from far, whispering each other good luck, and faces as pale as chinese opera actresses.

And praise to Almighty God, i passed my End of Semester 2 exam.
I shd now think of my sem 3, and i bet some of my friends started mugging up sem 3 syllabus.
I'm determined to study harded and smarter next sem, I hope I can score better, or JPA won't let me go to the country of my choice. I gotta perform in all my 5 sems to win JPA's heart (or money).


I was supposed to write this one week before, as it was held on Saturday, Nov 14th 2009.
But i have been sleeping endlessly the past one week and i decided to write abt it only now.

COMPLETE or now known as VIVA Palestina Malaysia organised a Friends and Family Day in Sunway Pyramid, KL.

The events are bowling and ice skating. Participants will wear the boycott Israel t-shirts and participate in either bowling or ice skating for FREE!!!

7 girls including me (Akmar, Diana, Farahin, Fathin Najib, Atieqa, Nabihah, Mizah) and 3 boys (Aizuddin, Syahil and Lokman) participated from IMU. We reached Sunway at approximately 11am. After breakfast and lunch (yes, both in Sunway) we proceeded to the bowling arena for registration and t-shirt collection. Each t-shirt cost only RM10 (student price).

After registration, cloth changing, we went for Zuhur prayers and then only to the skating rink.

We reached the rink around 1.30pm, after all the hassle in wearing the skating shoes and changing the size again and again, we are ready to skate!

But only to discover that the rink is going to be closed, because they need to "clean" it first. After waiting another 20mins, we then managed to go into the rink. The last time i skate was when i was 14 (i think), which was 5 yrs back! Ad thank God i still got the hang of it. When we first arrive at the rink, there weren't many COMPLETE @ VIVA Palestina skaters yet but as time passes, more and more COMPLETE skaters join the crowd. At one point, i think there were more than 50 of us! And i was very proud and happy. We certainly made an appearance, the public acknowledged us, observed the tshirts and some ask Qs.

There was one Chinese auntie who asked me where am I from. And I answered from COMPLETE, and I talked a bit abt the oppression on the Palestinians. I'm not sure whether the aunt got what i said as the surrounding was SO loud. At last the aunt asked me (this was at the entrance to the skate rink where we're supposed to scan our tickets for entry), "Mau lawan ka kt dlm tu?" or literally means "Are you going to fight in there?"
I was dumbstrucked for a while. Err...

"Oh no! We're not picking up any fight here, we come in peace!" That's the first thing crossed my mind, given the fact that my last COMPLETE walkaround alerted the security and we were literally chased out of Carrefour in MidValley fearing that we might terrorise (yea right, our cameras can shoot a bullet up to 200m without missing the target and we are all trained to become sharp shooter using our laser eyes and we have jedi forces, if that's what the Carrefour ppl are scared of)

Then i realised, the aunt thought we're in a competition, an ice skating competition, and we are all wearing our "uniforms". And i laughed at my own foolishness and unnecessary fear. So i smiled and told the aunt that we are not in any competition.

We skate for approx 2 hrs, my legs were aching by then but it was worth it.
Some ppl asked where can they get the tshirts and i told them we got it from the bowling arena but since once we go out of the rink, we can't enter back, they do not want to go to get the tshirts. Hence i gave them the url for COMPLETE website and asked them to check for any
event updates there. And i hope they really do.

COMPLETE skaters in the rink are not only of students and youngsters but also family with small little children. And man, they really look cute in those tiny little boycott tshirts!!

After skating, all 10 of us separated into 3 groups and walked our own way. After a session of camwhoring with Diana, both of us went for Asar prayers and walked around Sunway. Not exactly around, only some parts of it. My legs can't bear the ache anymore, i was even scared i might get crammed legs (muscle fatigue) while driving! Guess what, Diana went crammed in the middle of the rink, and i had to literally drag her out of the rink (oops, sorry Diana! Haha..)

As for bad experiences, no i did not experience any this time. Apart from the awkwardness when me and Diana were walking and there was a Coca Cola booth, they were giving free drinks away. And we bravely walked pass thru them, twice (we lost our direction actually)! At first they offered to give us the drinks, but we rejected. And it was like seeing a cat diplomating with a dog (just a stupid example to say that there are two girls wearing a tshirt with a very big Boycott Coca Cola logo in the circle of workers wearing red Coca Cola tshirts with BIG Coca Cola logo at the booth).

Come to think of it again, it's ok to DRINK Coca Cola, but it's certainly not ok to BUY Coca Cola. The purpose of boycotting is because we do not want to spend money on companies which are obviously channelling fund to the occupation of Palestine. But if the drink are given for free, we are not actually contributing any money, do we? Except for us contributing as an indirect ads for them. But since i am never a fan of carbonated drinks, even if Coke is not contributing to the atrocity, I'll not drink it anyway.

One of the boys from IMU was actually stopped by a Loreal promoter. The promoter demanded for the reasons why is Loreal being boycotted and he wasnt satisfied and was unhappy that this friend of mine is wearing a huge boycott Loreal logo on his tshirt.
I wasnt there thus i did not know how the argument went abt, i heard this from a third party.

Some other bad experience (which has got nothing to do with the tshirts):

1. I forgot which level did i park my car. Even Farahin (from the other car) forgot! We panicked for a while and luckily we managed to find our respective car, fast.

2. Me and Diana got stucked in a lift while searching for my car. The lift door won't open and i panicked. Getting stucked in the lift is one of the thing i want the last in life. I pressed the bell button so hard as if my life depended on it. Luckily it wasnt for long. Nobody came to our rescue, haha.. The lift functioned back after a while.

3. I got lost while driving back. Paid a lot of toll. But fortunately i wasn't caught in any jam. And was lucky too as my Touch n Go is sponsored by my mum. =) I reached home at 740pm despite the fact that i went out of Sunway at almost 7 and i sent Diana to Sri Petaling LRT station.

Any other bad experience? Not anymore that i can think of for now. Anyone want to add some more experience? You're more than welcomed! =)

-Because every life is worth it-


Friday, November 20, 2009

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

Don't forget to leave a comment ("You're Tagged!"), and to read your blog, you can't tag a person who tagged you. Since you can't tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog, so i can see your weirdness.

1. I hate the Zionists for oppressing the Palestinians, for devoiding them of their houses and properties and family members, for killing them inhumanly but still be able to stand straight at their thrones, justifying their atrocity and still be acknowledged by some parts of the world.

2. I love to sleep in my parents' room because that's the only room with air-conditioner in my hse. But i love to wrap the comforter around myself everytime I'm in an air-conditioned room. And that defeats the whole purpose of the air-conditioner.

3. I really hope there is a "Ctrl+F" or "index" function in my brain so that i can easily retrieve all the knowledge i read and stored somewhere in my brain. When too many facts are shoved into my brain, I tend to jumble them all up.

4. Sometimes i prefer to ignore than to show that i know when some topics are being discussed. Whatever one knows, reflects what one hv been exposed to. And what one was exposed to, reflects the personality of that person. Most ppl thought i'm ignorant, so what?

5. I love to assume "the little kid" role whenever i got the opportunity. It's less tensing as no one is supposed to expect much from a little kid. A little kid is supposed to be taken care of, live carefree and happy always.

6. I believe there is no such thing as "pure evil". No one is pure evil (I'm crossing my fingers when it comes to Ariel Sharon or Hitler though, I dont know them). But I believe EVERYONE has their own soft part. One may be very evil in business, in social life etc but he may be very loving to his family or one may be unacceptably evil in dealing with nemesis but loves cat so much. There is NO PURE EVIL in this WORLD.

7. I strongly OPPOSE gays and lesbians relationships. They are GROSS.

8. Everytime i lose grip or lose control of myself or my life or undergoing emotional instability, i'll sleep. I'll sleep like i never sleep before. If some ppl resort to alcohol to forget their problem, then sleep is my drug and alcohol. But the waking up is always the hardest part. As suddenly the reason i slept crashes into my mind again, and i'll feel like sleeping again.

9. I will first love a song for its tune and rythm. And when i get to know the lyrics, if they are good i'll love the song more. But if it's not good or hurts me too much, i wont want to listen to the song again. Essentially, i reject bad lyrics with good melody but accept good lyrics with bad melody. I love songs for their lyrics.

10. I am a fast driver, thanks to my mum, a Penang driver. I think my INTEC hsemates can't agree less, Diana will too.

11. I have high treshold value, I just do.

I was tagged by Adilah Zafirah few days before my exam, means more than 2 weeks before. Sorry Adilah, i took such a long time to post this. Haha...
I've been sleeping endlessly this past 10 days.
And i think i'll write only 11 instead of 16. This post will be extra long if i go until 16. Readers will be bored by the time they finished reading.

I'm tagging Hazirah Hamzah (who just loves to conteng my fb wall), Diana Rizal (although she doesnt have a blog, she can write in fb), Hanis Rafi (just saja2 wanna know abt her random stuff), Eka Irina and Add.


Monday, November 9, 2009

5 Things I Wanna Say On The Eve of My Exam

1. I don't know how ready am I for the exam tomorrow, there is less than 12 hrs left. And this exam is one of the killer exams in IMU. The second killer exam is during Sem5, to ensure a place in the clinical school.

2. I just want to get this over with, fast. I don't want more time because I don't think there's anything much left to be done.

3. I haven't study Bacterial Genetics, i forgot transformation, transposon, conjugation etc etc.

4. Dr. JPJ said students need to know at least 50% of what they were taught in order to pass this exam. I'm sure i know at least 50% of what I was taught. But what if the questions are on the other 50% which I don't know? That means students shd at least know 50% of WHAT ARE TO BE ASKED, NOT WHAT THAT WE WERE TAUGHT.

5. I want to get up tomorrow, feeling confident and happy and strong and smart, so that I can answer the exam with open heart. Amin...

5 Things I Wanna Do After My Exam

This is the fun part.

1. I want to read as much novels as I can. I spent more than RM100 for books during MPH sales in IMU last 2 weeks and I can't wait to read those books. I might even be going to IMU library and borrow novels, and maybe spend some time in the library reading novels, as a revenge. I've been staying in the lib for hours, gluing my eyes on the notes, after exam will be the time to read novels!

2. I want to go jalan-jalan. I'm just so tired of being confined to my daily activity (Uni-House-Uni-House) for the last few weeks. I wanna go Low Yat, I wanna go Sunway (this Sat!!), I wanna go OU, I wanna go Mines.. (greedy)

3. I want to spend time surfing the net, reading latest news, getting new stories, updating myself with the world.

4. I want to watch House Season 6!

5. I want to relax, sleep, eat and play guilt-less-ly...


What I Want To Do Next? Sleep! (but only after i go find what bacterial genetics mean, read HIV and Immunodeficiency & arrange my notes for tomorrow etc etc) Duh!

I'm tagging my fb friends, if you guys feel like writing, can just write under "5 Things I Wanna Say on the Eve of My Exam and 5 Things I Wanna Do After My Exam" or perhaps if you guys are reading this after the exam, "5 Things I Wanna Do After My Exam" .
It'll be fun to read!

Good Luck to MeDt109!!
We Can Do It!!

-Because Life is A Test-


Saturday, November 7, 2009


2days left.

1. So many things to remember, so little time left.
But please, i dont want more time, i just want it to be over.
I feel guilty even while reading newspaper, while having my meals, while bathing, while driving, while doing ANYTHING but studying.

2. Today is the second time i went to IMU library on a Saturday, to study. And it was beneficial, luckily. I didnt get to sit at my usual place today (the disadvantage of coming late) but that was still ok. Unfortunately, i chose the table directly in front of the air-conditioner. I was literally shivering the whole day, forgot to bring my jacket only a shawl to wrap myself up. Must remember to bring jacket next week!

3. I purposedly waited until the librarian chase me out of the library at 8pm. Haha.. On weekdays, the library closes at 10pm and it's kinda difficult for me to stay until 10, too late to drive back. But since it closes at 8pm on Saturdays, i decided to stay until they ask me to go out. Haha... Yes! I did it. =P

4. As i drove out of IMU basement parking, i was shocked. Shocked to see MANY MANY cars in front of imu. Beautiful cars, not the ugly ones. I wondered, what are all these cars doing here? There was cars at every corner of the road. Then i remembered, "Piala Liga Malaysia (if i got the name of the league correct) is today!! It's Negeri Sembilan vs Kelantan! " And i didnt know that the match is held in Bukit Jalil. There were traffic policemen everywhere, and man, the amount of cars.... Ppl parked very very far away from the stadium! I literally drove with my mouth opened, seeing the amount of cars out there, parked while the stadium was very bright. The first time i saw it like that. Which state do i support? I don't know. Kelantan maybe? Haha... N.9 is ok too, my best friend's from there.

5. I need to stop writing now, and get back to my embryology. Lots of things to memorise!

-Because life is a test-


Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 weeks left for my End of Semester 2 exam @ the clearing exam.

After 2 weeks, i'll be as free as a bird, though there are few bad things gonna happen during this hols and i prefer not to talk abt it.
And as usual, i started writing my to-do-list for this hols.
And the list IS getting longer.
I might disclose some of it later, after my exam.
Oh my...
Life is so tempting.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As i was driving back home from IMU just now (it was around 7.40pm), i noticed a small Perodua Kancil, a blue one. Somehow this Kancil caught my attention, because of the colour, and the style of driving. Then i noticed that the car did not switch the lights on, and it's already dark. I thought of giving the driver a beam of my highlight so that he/she will be aware of it. But decided not to because am afraid it might make him/her angry as in a heavy traffic like where we were in, small road congested with cars and everybody trying to get home as fast as they could, a simple highlight like that will be easily misinterpreted.

The Kancil then zoomed to the front, leaving me behind (i mentioned the unique way of driving before).
Before long, there was a fly-over and i can't see the Kancil anymore.
Then, the queue of cars stopped.
And the cars in front me start giving right signal and took the right part of the one lane road.
I then see the problem, which blocked the whole row of cars (including mine) on the fly-over.

The blue Kancil broke down right in the middle of the road, trying to "climb" the fly-over.
And as i passed by the car, i noticed that the driver is a girl.
Duh! Pity her!
I can't imagine myself in her shoes, i dont want to.
I had enough bad experience with cars, and both did not involve rows of car behind me, it will just make my adrenaline pump in a higher concentration.

To recall, last two Fridays, my car "broke down" in IMU hill carpark.
It was 8.40pm and i cant seem to start my car.
I sent an SOS call to my dad and he rushed to my aid, leaving his work from KL.
And i reached home abt 10+ that night.
One month before, my car tyre (or wheel?) burst.
And i sent an SOS to my dad, he came in 15mins time with my 2 brothers to change the tyre for me.
So yes, i sent two SOS-es and neither was disappointed.
I am so glad that I have my dad around, willing to come to my aid anytime i need him.

And that made me realise, we can't live alone in this world.
We need family, we need companions, we need friends, and we need neighbours.
Not to say that without all these we'll die, cos even if u have the whole world knows u (thinking of Obama and Beyonce), u'll still die.
But life will just be imperfect if these important aspects of life are missing.

Over breakfast the next morning after my car "broke down", my dad taught me how to jump start a car.
And my mum snapped him, forbidding him to teach me how to jumpstart a car.
My mum said "She might just get the car burnt or make the condition worse!"
And my dad's counter argument was "She shd know what to do in case of an emergency again! At least she'll not be helpless"
Whoever won that argument, not important. =P
But i know that same colour of the wire shd go to same colour of the port, i think.
Well, isn't that basic electronic (or electricity) we learnt in Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills) subject in Form 3?

Anyway, as i drove pass the girl in blue Kancil just now, i really hoped she'll get someone to come to her aid. Anyone, that is trustable.


Friday, October 23, 2009


This is one of the thousands emails i received recently...

Subject: Congratulation ***You E-mail ID Have Won***
From: British Award Co-ordinator"

The British National Lottery
P O Box 10103b Liverpool,
L30 1RD United Kingdom
Ref: UK/9420X/05
Batch: 074/05/ZY369


We wish to congratulate and inform you on
the selection of your cash prize
£1,000,000.00 (British Pounds) in the
British National Lottery Online Promotion
Program held on the 11th October 2009. The
selection of your e-mail address process was
carried out through random selection in Our
computerized email selection system (ESS)
from a database of over 250,000 email
addresses drawn from which you were
selected. And your e-mail address attached
to ticket number: 56475600545 188 with
Serial number 5368/02 drew the lucky
numbers: 05, 06, 17, 20, 28, 42 (Bonus
33),which subsequently won you the Lottery
in the 1st category i.e match 5 plus
bonus.You have therefore been approved to
claim a total sum of £ 1,000,000.00 (One
Million Pounds) in cash credited to file KTU/
9023118308/03.This is from a total cash
prize of £ 4,000,000.00 (Four Million
Pounds) ,shared among the (4)lucky winners
in this category i.e. Match 6 plus
bonus.Please contact your fiduciary Agent
Mr.Mark Foster immediately with the feed
Verification/Fund Release Form Below:

1. Full Name:
2. Full Address:
3. Marital Status:
4. Occupation:
5. Age:
6. Sex:
7. Nationality:
8. Country of Residence:
9. Telephone Number:

Name:Mr.Mark Foster
Telephone:+44 704-571-0545
Email ADRESS: redeem.prize22@live.com

I don't know why these kind of spam are always sent to me.
I don't even hv any idea how they got my email address.
And i'm pretty sure there are lotsa lotsa my friends out there getting similar emails.
Am i right?


Monday, October 19, 2009

Assalammualaikum wrt wbt.

I am now in IMU library, cracking my brain to absorb all the Pathology facts i should be memorising.
And i decided to write something to divert my attention for a while. Well, can't be reading textbooks all the time right?

Last Monday, on Oct 12th, Prof Yadav gave a lecture on Maternal Health.
And one of the facts he gave was 40% of the births in the world are unwanted or mistimed.
That literally means, out of 10 of my readers, 4 are unwanted in this world.
Sad, isn't it?
So automatically (i think all my batchmates are thinking the same), i wondered if my birth was wanted.
Was my birth mistimed?
Did my parents planned to get me?
But i decided not to ask them.
Part of it because i'm scared of the answer (what if i wasn't wanted???)
And part of it because i knew even if i wasnt planned, my parents do not reject me.
They still accept me, as a gift from God.
So, there is no point of me asking.

But last night, i went to my parents and told them,

"Do u know that 40% of the births in this world are not wanted or mistimed?"

And they agreed.
My father said some of his friends even complained to him when their wives get pregnant, blaming the wife for the pregnancy.
And for me that is stupid.
As if they do not contribute to the pregnancy.
As if the wife went for a walk in the park, or went shopping in a market, and come back pregnant.
They should never complain that their wives are pregnant!

Ok ok, back to my story.
While discussing the topic, my parents assured me that i WASN'T UNWANTED.
My mum wanted me desperately at that time.
She had miscarriageS before me and so she even went to the extent of getting a jab( i don't know what jab) to prevent me from slipping off her uterus at that time.
I had no idea i was that wanted.

And why am i writing this?
Well, it cherished my day.
To know that i was badly wanted in this life.
So yes, it's a booster for me to perform well in my exam so that i won't frustrate those who love me. =)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I think lately i have been posting emo shout-outs and posts in both my blog and facebook wall.
But i'm getting better now.
I'm learning to adapt myself to the situations, no matter what happens.

Haha.. I don't want to make this post an emo one too.
So let's just stop here.
But i am still surviving and alive.

Life is a test.


Saturday, October 10, 2009


Can i grunt here?
Can i grunt, and scold and curse and express my frustration here?
Can i babble here?
Can i rant here?

I wrote a lot of opinion posts, summary posts and news extract and comments posts.
If i rant and grumble and express my personal emotions here, will this blog change?

Will this blog suddenly turn immature?

I don't know, some may think that way. Some may not.
And i don't think i shd care much abt it.
It will only hinder me from writing in my own blog.

So yes, now i want to rant and grunt.

Why did u do that?
How could u do that?
What did i do that i deserve that?

Cis cis cis cis cis.....
Cis cis cis cis cis.....
Cis cis cis cis cis.....

I dont think i wanna curse here, i dont even curse in real life.
But i'm frustrated, and i'm being patient.
Yes, i'm patient.
And i'm tolerating.
And i am me.

That's all.

-The End-


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yes, 4 weeks left, before a lot of things happen.
4 weeks left, before my End of Semester exam.
4 weeks left for me to revise my 1 year study.
4 weeks left for me to value the time left.
4 weeks left for me to live heartache life.
4 weeks left....

After 4 weeks?
Only Allah knows....
Holiday, for sure.
I don't think i wanna find a part time job this holiday, though i usually have the intention to, just not in the mood this time.
The rest?
I don't know.
How abt next sem?
I don't know.
Only Allah knows, and He decided what will happen to me, even before I was born.
What i'm supposed to do know is to go thru it, and make the best out of it.
Uhuh... Sounds very easy.
But it definitely is not.

4 weeks left................

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A beautiful song, by Christine Glass.
Title : My Love Will Get You Home
The lyrics are beautiful, and meaningful.
Specially dedicated….
Listen and feel… =)
If you wander off too far, my love will get you home.
If you follow the wrong star, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.

If the bright lights blinds your eyes, my love will get you home. 
If your troubles break your stride, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.
If you ever feel ashamed, my love will get you home.
When there's only you to blame, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home,
Boy, my love will get you home.
To listen to the song, click here.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Sun 30 Sept 09
by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

LEADERS of the rich nations have turned their fire on Iran, quite rightly. Last week came news
that the Islamic Republic had been building a secret uranium enrichment plant near Qom. Then the junta fired test missiles. Unlike Iraq under Saddam, there are, in Iran, nuclear developments
that could lead to weapons of mass destruction. It is not an immediate but a future danger, say credible intelligence experts and indeed Barack Obama himself.

Suddenly the president has got uncharacteristically belligerent, instructing Iran to open up all its nuclear facilities for inspection if it wants to avoid “a path that is going to lead us to confrontation”. In May, Obama stood in Washington with the hawkish Benjamin Netanyahu, who we were told was there to seek assurances that there would be no shift from the conventional US position of total and unconditional support for Israel’s policies right or wrong, known and clandestine.

The US, China, Britain, France, Russia and Germany meet in Geneva tomorrow and, by that time, Iran will be expected to submit to international scrutiny. As a supporter of the now crushed and broken reformers in Iran, I back the ultimatum to the fanatic and bellicose Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But what about that camel in the room? The one we all see but can’t point out? What about the only power in the Middle East, also fanatic and aggressive, which has a stockpile of weapons enough to obliterate the region? Listen people, we need to talk about Israel. And soon. Like now.

I have been in contact with a young Iranian woman who wore a green scarf and lipstick on the streets of Teheran, whose uncle is being tortured in prison there for demonstrating against the results of the election. Somehow she escaped from the country and is in Britain briefl y before going on to the US to make a new life. Let us call her M.

Nobody could hate Ahmadinejad more than M; she hates the whole regime, the treacherous leaders who betrayed the people. When she speaks she often gets asthmatic. But yet, but yet, she finds her passions rising for her country this week because of fears of military strikes by Israel and the manifestly unfair way that Israel is indulged. “I will go back if they attack my country, even if they put me to jail,” M says. “That is my duty. Israel is the enemy of peace and America gives them money to get more arms. I don’t want Iran to have these terrible weapons, but Israel must also be stopped.”

The big powers are moving tentatively towards global de-nuclearisation, taking small but significant steps to show they do want everyone to pitch in. Obama’s decision to shelve the European defence missile programme shows serious intent, so too Gordon Brown’s announcement that Britain would cut down from four to three its Trident missile-carrying submarines. There was a moment this spring, albeit fleeting, when Rose Gottemoeller, an assistant secretary of state and Washington’s chief nuclear arms negotiator, asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, thus breaking the 40-year-old silence and US complicity in its accumulated, un-inspected arsenal. Her reasonable appeal provoked apoplexy in a nation that assumes special, indeed exceptional, treatment.

In the 1960s, Israel successfully hid its weapons from US inspectors. In 1986, Israeli nuclear technical assistant Mordechai Vanunu revealed information about the concealed stockpiles and has been punished ever since. Hubristic Israel no longer cares to deny that it has hundreds of atom and hydrogen bombs and devastating biological “tools”. Netanyahu has been warning he will destroy the Iranian sites if his country feels the danger is real. Now he has just what he wanted, another crisis in the Middle East, to keep up the idea of plucky, vulnerable, endangered little Israel.

Alarmingly, even the liberal Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz is on his side. History has made too many Israelis fear all humanity in perpetuity and that fear brings out the worst in that nation. It has predictably rejected the long, sober, unbiased UN report on the last assault on Gaza chaired by Richard Goldstone. He accused Hamas of crimes against Jewish civilians and charged Israel with grave crimes, the breaking of the Geneva convention, punishing and terrorising unarmed civilians.

I have some images of these victims sent to me by a Jewish pro-Palestinian activist. Children turned to ash, blistered mothers weeping, and on and on. There still is no respite for the hungry and dying in Gaza. If Israel can mete out such treatment and not be called to account, just think what the state feels entitled to do to Iran.

The Israeli human rights activist Gideon Spiro bravely asks that his country be subject to the same rules as Iran and all others in the Middle East: “Rein in Israel, compel it to accept a regime of nuclear disarmament and oblige it to open all nuclear, biological and chemical facilities and missile sites to international inspection.” The US has leverage because it maintains and funds Israel. If Obama shies away from this, there can be no moral justification to go for Iran or North Korea or any other rogue state. And the leader whose election and dreams gave hope to millions thereby hastens the end of the world. – The Independent

Akmar says:

IMU has a corner for free copies of The Sun newspaper. And everyday i'll take a copy for myself. What i have been observing so far is The Sun looks like a pro-Israel newspaper. Sorry to say that, but that's my opinion. It's up to the readers whether or not to trust.

My arguments are they always feature brief news abt the imaginary country; be it the PM of Israel admitted to the hosp, or Israel doesn't want to cancel their invasion plan into Palestine. All the news are written such that ignorant readers will feel that Israel is just like any other country in the world, as The Sun did not provide ANY counter-argument to say that Israel is not a country that has a right to exist.

But luckily, this piece of article was published.
And I love it.
But that doesnt mean i'll change my view towards The Sun.

Israel, an imaginary country built on the land of the Palestinians, doing purely evil things on the oppressed and being backed up by the-so-called most powerful nation on earth, the Americans.

Am i too direct?

But that's the truth....


I hvnt been writing for quite some time now.
Too many things to study, I felt guilty everytime i face the computer, it's as if i'm wasting my time when there are A LOT MORE SUBJECTS to study on.

Someone told me that he feels like a machine.
Then i realised, yes i hv been feeling the same too.
Wake up in the morning, get ready to uni, breakfast, go to uni, study in lib, lecture, lunch, study in lib again, go home, refresh, study, sleep.
The next day, the same thing all over again.
I did not mention praying here but that doesnt mean i don't pray k....

Why metamorphosis?
Why not metaplasia?
Those two means changing of shape.
Well, the first applies to ALL naturally occurring change while the latter applies to cancer cells (i think so, i hvnt revise that yet).

So yes, i'm undergoing metamorphosis now.
Not that i'll evolving into a beautiful butterfly tomorrow (i wish i could, then evolve back into a girl)
As my mum said, i'm undergoing the training to become a doctor, so yes, living like a machine is parts and parcels of it.
People made us live like that.
We just hv to follow that rule to survive in this so-called modern world.
I dont know, i think so.

Just now i told my mum i'm having headache.
But she didnt hear clearly, she asked back, "Heartache or headache?"
Come to think of it again, i think i'm having both.

I hv been talking abt heart vs brain for few years already.
There are times that my heart and my brain go against each other.
I'm NOT talking abt the heart that is pumping blood and the brain located in my skull.
I'm talking abt the heart and the brain which differs us from other creatures on Earth.
Brain does things logically while heart, do things "heart-ly".

I dont think there's much meaning things i pointed out in this weird post of mine.
I just feel like ranting....
Ok la, that's all.
I gtg to pray now.
Then dinner, and continue my Pathology revision.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh no!! Holiday is NOT ending..
It has actually ENDED..
Oh yea...
Too bad...
Class starts..
Frhn posted on her fb, she doesn't want to go back to school.
I said i like school, but that doesnt mean i like the class, aye?
Controversial and irony statement..

One week after raya...
I spent my first 3 days of raya at home.
I was SUPPOSED to go back to Kuantan on the 2nd day but something else happened, the trip was cancelled and i ended up going nowhere for raya.
On the 4th day of Raya, i went to IMU library...
Can you believe it?
I can't believe it too...
Hahaha.. I've always value holiday at home so much, and yet i went to the library.
But it turned out the be a beneficial visit to the library after all, i studied quite a lot.
I'm sure i wont study that much if i stayed at home. Too much distractions!
There is the tv, the internet, the bed, and the siblings.
So yes, wednesday, thursday and friday in IMU.. Beneficial, and enjoyable and fun.. =)

What else?
Oh yes, duit raya...
Haha... Eventho i've been living in this world for almost 2 decades, ppl still give me duit raya, well of course they should... I'm not earning yet.
Plus, in chinese culture, one will always get angpow until one gets married. So.....deduce the conclusion!

Sometimes, i'm afraid that someone might just tell me,

"No, i've never said anything like that. Who asked you to think of it that way? You think too much"

Won't that be hurting?
Ever experienced that?
That is EXACTLY why i always like to get a clear explanation on everything.
At least i'll not be in the loss side.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

First day of Eid, how should i classify it?
Busy and noisy plus distracting?

The funny thing is, as soon as the Raya prayer was over, 30mins after that, a group of 7 kids from my neighbouring area came to my hse. They are barely 10 years old, i guessed from their size and behaviours. Of course, i know their mission, collecting duit raya...!! One of my missions when i was small also. I used to walk around the area with my friends and siblings and collect duit raya. By the end of the day, i'll be so full of water, drinking at least one glass of water in each hse i visited. But as i grow up, i stopped walking from hse to hse. The kids received their duit raya from my mother in the living room, and then my mum told them to go to the back and meet my grandma, as she is giving out duit raya too. So the kids got double excited, two duit rayas (is there such a word?) in one hse! So guess what they did next? They tried to go to the upper floor in my hse, hoping there's another person giving out duit raya upstairs. Haha...
When they were saying goodbye, the said "Bye! We'll come again tomorrow yah!"
My mum laughed and told them not to come twice and i added that if they do come again, they'll only get drinks, no second duit raya for them.. Funny little kids..

My father was working today. He set out from home even before the Raya prayers, to perform it in Masjid KLCC or Tabung Haji. He's working with a media company, and so they need to do a coverage for the PM's open hse. My aunts from Penang arrived in the afternoon, followed by two other families. And then my former classmates since standard 5 (!), Praba came to my hse with her family. At that time, my hse was really full and noisy.
The funny thing is, my only Muslim visitors today are the group of kids i mentioned earlier. It was my Chinese relatives who came and visit us, and my friend Praba, is an Indian.
I felt proud to see the harmony in my hse at that time. =) Yeah, Malaysia Boleh...! =)

Praba's family then left, leaving her with me. And so we talked and talked and talked, telling our stories. From the living room, into the car (my bro asked me to send him to the grocery shop) and then to my bedroom and then into the car again (i sent my maid out to the bus station, she's on leave) and to the living room, and then to my bedroom again. Wow.. It sounded like we did not stop talking! Haha... The last time i met her was during my sem 1 holiday, the day Dr M came to IMU. That was abt, 2 months back...

At night, there were a lot of extra food, so i heated up all the food and have our dinner. My three aunts from Penang are staying over tonight while the other 2 families went back to their respective houses already.

So, that's my first day of Raya..
How's urs?

p/s: Don't celebrate ur raya alone..... Make it a special day lah.... =)
Yes!! It's raya time..!
After one month of fasting, now we can finally celebrate our efforts.
Admittedly, i didnt much ibadah during this one month.
Hope to improve myself next year, if i am given the chance, amin..

This year, i received 4 raya cards!
Which actually breaks my record.
I rarely receive raya CARDS, sms wishes are normal, especially on Raya eve.
So, thanks to my friends (Hui Fong, Zuriani, Beya and Durga) who personally gave me the cards.
And this year, i gave only one raya card personally, and another one via raya card dedication service to my mentor in IMU.

Ok, it's late now. 2 in the morning..
Hv to go to sleep...
Selamat Hari Raya!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yes, i think "draining" will be the most suitable word for me now.
When i was a school girl, i didnt have any trouble with fasting, merely because i went to school half of the day and hv my own time to rest during the other half. When I was in INTEC, doing my A Levels, away from family, fasting became more difficult, i thought it was because i didn't eat as good as i did at home, i thought it was because i didn't have my mother beside me reminding me to take nutritious food, and also to wake me up for sahur.
But this time, the fasting month is really tiring, despite the fact that i AM staying at home and i AM having my mother beside me to remind me to eat good food and to wake me up.
So it turned out that fasting is difficult actually, but i didn't realise it for the first 16 years in my life because i wasn't actually living a life outside home.

Up till now, i didn't have any free evening to sleep and rest like i had once.
I spend my evening in the library, going back home, refresh myself, help in the kitchen and it's break fast time.

So yes, my duties and responsibilities are draining my energy out of me. Every night i slept, exhausted, dozzed off in less than 10mins after putting my head on the pillow.
And now i really felt the experience of fasting, the tireness of it all and the benefits behind all the difficulties and tests.

But wait, my life is not that dull and boring and stressfull.
There are a lot of good things happening also.
Like what?
Ok, i make new friends...
What else?
My car wheel burst last night, 11+ at night, when there were only 2 of us, me and my girlfriend.
What else?
Ok, i cannot think of anything now but i'm pretty sure there are a lot of good things happening to me, if not i won't be this jovial anymore.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taken from IMU Muslim Society blog, Sept 10 2009.

Syeikh Ahmad Yasin is the founder of HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement) based in Gaza. HAMAS main agenda is to liberate the whole Palestine from the occupation of the Zionists. Syeikh Ahmad Yasin was assassinated cruelly on 22nd March 2004 by an Israeli Apache helicopter. He was bombed three times, and what was remained were only pieces of his body.


Syeikh Ahmad Yasin was born with the name Ahmad bin Ismail bin Yassin. His Palestinian passport recorded that he was born on January 1st 1929 but he claimed that he was born in 1938, 9 years younger than the documented age.

It is worth knowing that on May 15th 1948, the imaginary country, Israel declared its independence. The day after, 5 Arab countries launched an attack towards the newly formed government. The countries were Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. However, these Arab countries lost in the war; "The Arab-Israel 1948 War". At that time, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was 10 years old. His village was destroyed during the war and he was forced to move out to Gaza with his mother.

During his schooling years, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was known as a bright and sporty young boy.
However, when he was 16 years old (some sources mentioned 12) he was injured while recreating on a beach. He suffered from spinal cord injury, and was paralysed. He can only move his head, he became a quadriplegic. However, wikipedia mentioned that he was wrestling with his friend when he got injured. As to not create hatred and fight between the two families, he lied about his cause of injury. However, that was what wikipedia reported. The truth is hard to find.

Syeikh Ahmad Yassin got married when he was 22 years old and he was gifted with 11 children. In 1964, he went to Univ Ain Shams in Cairo, Egypt to further his study. However, he was captured by the Egyptian government 2 years after that because he was involved with Ikhwanul Muslimin "IM" (Muslim Brotherhood). IM was not accepted by the Egyptian government.

In 1967, the Zionists started occupating Gaza, and by that time Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was released and he went back to Gaza to serve his own people. He started off with being a teacher, and then a speaker and gradually becoming the Khatib during Friday prayers in the mosque. Being a quadriplegic, people doubted his potential at first but was later mesmerised and motivated by his speeches. He encouraged the youngs in Gaza to come to the mosque an additional of two times in a week. He was trying to nurture the value of mosque-loving in Gaza youngsters. And he succeedeed. The occupation by the Zionists burnt the spirit of the younger generations in Gaza, giving them reasons to stand up and defend their homeland.

During the period 1969-1970, Ikhwanul Muslimin was set up in Gaza, with Syeikh Ahmad Yassin being the leader. In 1973, he set up Islamic Academy while in 1982, he set up Al-Mujahidun Al-Filastiniyyun, an organisation specialising in defending the lands of Palestine and the welfare of its people.

In 1983, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was captured for possessions of weapons, setting up an underground resistance movement and threatening the existence of Israel country. For all that, he was punished 13 years in the jail. But he was jailed for only 11 months when he was released in an exchange of prisoners between the Palestine Liberation Org (PLO) and the regime.

In 1987, when the Arabs gradually lose their spirit and motivation to liberate Palestine, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin founded HAMAS @ Harakatul Muqawamatil Islamiyyah @ Islamic Resistance Movement as the official wing of Ikhwanul Muslimin in Palestine. The co-founder of HAMAS was a paeditrician, Dr Abdul Aziz Rantisi. The members of HAMAS are those whose hearts are very well attached to the mosque, those who have high jihad spirit.
Syeikh Ahmad Yassin declared, "We chose this road, and will end with martyrdom or victory" and it has been a motto among the warriors of HAMAS ever since. One of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin's main idea was to make sure Israel is eradicated, and not anywhere on the world map anymore (It's worth knowing that the West pictures Syeikh Ahmad Yassin as the terrorist leader, instead of the hero of Palestinians, who despite being paralysed still have the spirit bigger than anyone in liberating his homeland).

In December 1987, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin led the First Intifadha (the uprising). The Intifadha started off when a big Israeli lorry purposedly hit two of Palestinians small lorries, killing 4 people. The uprising was full of spirit, although they weren't supplied with any weaponries. Gaza had all their borders being blocked by the Isrealis. Gaza had become an open prison but that had never dampen the spirit of the Palestinians. One of the infamous act was throwing of stones to Israeli tankers. Useless it may sound, but if it was the only thing the Palestinians can do, it is better than staying indoor, letting the Israelis rape their women, burn their houses and kill their families.

In 1988, the Zionists chased Syeikh Ahmad Yassin out of his house to South Lebanon, and his house in Gaza was demolished. On May 18 1989, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was captured with hundreds other HAMAS warriors. A year later, he was charged with the murder of Israelis commander and army. He was punished 15 years in the prison (Just as a comparison, in 1982, Ariel Sharon brought in his army to the refugee camp in Sabra and Shatilla in Lebanon and killed more than 3000 refugees! The case was heard in the military court. And a resolution was created: those found guilty were fined 14sen USD!)
Two of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin's sons volunteered to accompany their father in the prison as his health is deteriorating, plus the fact that he is paralysed.
During his imprisonment, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin suffered chronic respiratory and abdominal diseases. He also lost his right-eye sight, blurred vision in the left eye, and muscular deterioration.

In 1992, HAMAS commando team kidnapped a Zionist army, an negotiated for a prisoner exchange. The kidnapped army will be released if the Zionists release Syeikh Ahmad Yassin and a few other old and sick HAMAS fighters. However, Zionist refused and attacked the site where the army was captived and killed 3 HAMAS warriors. The kidnapped army and 2 other Israeli commanders were also killed.

5 years later, in 1997, Khaled Mash'al, the speaker for HAMAS based in Syria was staying in Jordan. During his stay, 2 of Israeli's spies tried to assassinate him but failed miserably. They were caught by the commoners and sent to the Jordan government for trial. The King of Jordan offered to release them with the condition that Syeikh Ahmad Yassin is also released. No one knows how important the 2 Mossad agents are but the regime agreed to release Syeikh Ahmad Yassin after imprisoning and abusing him for 8 years.

The West media reported that Syeikh Ahmad Yassin agreed to be released and promised to "stay quiet" and refrain himself for calling any resistance from the Palestinians but when he resumed his post as HAMAS leader, the West media potrayed him as someone who broke the agreement.

In Sept 2000, Ariel Sharon, the then PM of the imaginary country Israel visited Masjidil Aqsa, the thirs most sacred mosque for Muslims (the West media reported that Ariel Sharon visited Al Aqsa but the Muslim media reported that Ariel Sharon polluted Masjidil Aqsa)
This sparked off the Second Intifadha. Unlike the first, the Second Intifadha was supported by Arab countries and wasn't done only by HAMAS but also by FATAH and Jihad Islami. Not only stones but mortar weapons, and traps were also used. The spirit of Muslims rose up due to the release of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin. Amaliyyah Istisyahidiyyah (known as suicide bombings by the West) also increased. Israel suffered from wealth and lives loss.

3 years later, Sept 6 2003, Israel sent an Apache to bomb Syeikh Ahmad Yassin's house in Gaza. He wasn't killed but few other children were. He was only wounded on his hand. Despite a try of assassination, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin did not try to protect himself. He's still very much a people-man, not having bodyguards surrounding him, still maintaining his daily routine and went to the mosque for daily prayers on his wheelchair. An important question, "Will the leaders now do the same if their enemy tried to kill them?".

6 months later, on 22nd March 2004, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was being pushed in his wheelchair to his house after a Subuh prayer in the Islamic Academy Mosque in Gaza. His house was very near to the mosque. Half way to his house, an Apache flew over the sky and released 3 bombs onto Syeikh Ahmad Yassin. The bombs cost him his life and his two men. His remainings were shattered everywhere on the floor. Eye witness mentioned that after the 1st bombing, he saw a wheel from Syeikh Ahmad Yassin's wheel chair flew up into the sky. In a split second, Palestine lost a leader very dear to the people's hearts and the Muslim community lost a leader, who was brave enough despite being a quadriplegic.

Upon assassiation of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin, Dr Aziz Rantisi took office, replacing his friend as the leader of HAMAS. After not even a month, he was assassinated by an Israeli Apache. Since then, HAMAS did not disclose the identity of their leader, avoiding the same fate of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin and Dr Aziz Rantisi.

HAMAS frontmen were quotes as saying, "The Israels had killed one Syeikh Ahmad Yassin, but there will be thousands more Syeikh Ahmad Yassins emerging from the streets of Palestine".