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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I am always amazed (but at times, disgusted) by the influential power the media has.
Whoever controls the media, is indirectly controlling the world, having the influence to lead the public into thinking the way they want the public thinking, or letting the public know only what they want the public know, hiding some ugly truth behind their reports.

I'm not planning to talk much about the influence of the media, the previous paragraph is only the intro to my post.

I always laughed (but most of the time, disgusted too) at the politics in Malaysia now. Politicians switching parties like changing clothes, accusations of one side to another, back-stabbing etc (oopss.. shdn't be saying a lot on this, i dont really know what happens, again i'm only informed by the media and comprehended the info using my own shallow mind)

Often, during the evening news, we'll be exposed to a lot of the "goodness" of the government and the "badness" and "inefficiency" of the opposition.
The media is bound to praise the government and downgrade the opposition, that is a known fact.
The newsreaders are bound to say sentences like, "keprihatinan kerajaan" or "kelemahan pihak pembangkang" or "kewibawaan pemimpin BN" etc etc...
I am not saying the news are totally wrong but, I believe we must have our own "filter" and judgement to differentiate the truth, the lies and the make-ups.

The oppositions have their own media as well, undeniably.
And it is undeniable that their media will potray their "goodness" and the "badness" and "corruption" of the government.
Again, there must always be personal filter to prevent us from being misled.

Anyhow, let's imagine for a while...
Imagine...just imagine that in the next General Election, the opposition wins and they rule Malaysia. Just imagine...

Now, what will the newsreaders read?
"BN yang masih tidak mahu mengaku kekalahan"
"Kerajaan baru yang tidak melupakan kepentingan rakyat"

etc etc...

What do you think?

p/s: I'm not standing on any site of the fence. I'm underage and still cannot vote. Peace!


If I study at home,

  1. I'll be very much attached to the internet in front of me
  2. I'll be going up and down the stairs as an excuse of relieving my body of ache as a result of sitting too much.
  3. I'll be heading to the kitchen every now and then, open the fridge and have a bite or two on whatever edible in the fridge. And my aunt had just came back from Australia, she brought lots of chocs back. Arrghh...
  4. I'll be going to the mirror and start brushing my hair and pin here and there and then get back to my desk.
  5. I'll be going into my room, look at my bed longingly and decided not to sleep.
  6. I'll be pitying myself for having to study and decided to sleep on the couch, putting my alarm 30minutes later. And wakes up 1 hour later.
  7. I'll get frustrated when I dont have enough reference book and hoped I can have a med library at home.

Conclusion: Home Sweet Home

Sometimes we need to pay for the mistakes we made in life.

Sometimes we get off it, and continue with our life. It happened to me a lot of times before.

Sometimes we gotta pay for the mistake we made long long time ago, which we thought we got it off.

Sometimes we thought we're paying for a mistake which we conveniently convinced ourselves we did when actually we didnt.

And sometimes, we pay for mistakes that other people did.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we feel so blessed that we made a mistake and now paying for it.

But most of the time, we blamed other people for the mistake we made without knowing we made the mistake. And when we gotta pay for it, we tell ourselves that we're paying for other people's mistake. 

Complex enough?
This post is generated out of boredom (a BIG FAT lie). It is also generated because i am too tired to study, and is already drained.

This post came out of nowhere when i decided to complicate my mind which is already very complicated now. And I actually wrote this post on Tuesday 27th April 2010 at 7.45pm. It couldnt be published, I've no idea why. Maybe it's because of the coding.

p/s: To whoever it may concern, i am trying and will do my very best to make things better but i will desperately need cooperation. It takes two to tango... =)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am often asked these Qs:

"How are your studies?"

"How is your exam?"

"When is your exam?"


"Do you think you can make it for your exam?"

How am i supposed to answer?

Even if i answered, "No, i dont think i can make it for the coming exam. I still have a lot to study"

Will that make any difference?
The questioner wont be able to do anything also (forget the grammar here)

p/s: I'm coughing really badly now, how to stand two hours in lecture later? With the air cond, i'm sure i'l be coughing my heart out and make the hall noisy. Haiz... And PBL later some more, in a small closed room...! Double haiz...


Monday, April 26, 2010

I dislike falling sick. Other than getting all the attention from family members, there is nothing else to be looked forward to in falling ill. Work cannot be done, study cannot be completed, even staring into the monitor gets my eyes go blink blink.

-AkMaR- http://akmarr90.blogspot.com

Friday, April 23, 2010

I made a new discovery (I hope to win a Nobel Prize with this discovery... =D ) Ok, that joke is lame, i know.
Anyway, i found out that

Sore throat leads to increased frequency of visits to the toilet.
How? Sore throat leads to cough, leads to increased water intake, leads to increased blood volume leads to decreased water retention leads to increased urine output leads to increased toilet visit frequency.



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I know this is a terribly late post but I STUBBORNLY STILL WANT TO WRITE ABOUT IT.

Anyway, IMU Muslim Society in collaboration with the Student Rep Council and Stdnt Service if i'm not mistaken, held an Amazing Craze on 27th March 2010. The game is a mimick of the Amazing Race but it's IMU edition and it's held in conjunction with the Earth Week. Each team consists of only two members and I got my husband to be my partner!! Yeay...!! The first prize was 2 tickets to Langkawi, 2nd was two tickets to Genting Highland and 3rd was two tickets to Sunway Lagoon. Me and my husband aimed the Sunway ticket bcos it's been a long time since we've been there, and we've never been there together.

And so, few weeks before the game, we started jogging! Uh wow.. I've nvr jog in the park near IMU before but i jogged bcos we wanted the Sunway ticket. We jogged for about 2-3 evenings per week. Running up the Bukit Komanwel made me realise that my stamina is very very low. I dared not stop jogging bcos I know perfectly well, once i stop i wont be able to start again. I'd better jog until i really cant move my leg anymore.

The game will take place in Kuala Lumpur city, and we weren't allowed to use our own transport. We need to use public transport and i'm because both me and my husband are from KL and we are very quite   familiar with public transport in KL. That gave us a plus mark.

Both of us also can communicate well, and will not quarrel with each other and so, i trust or at least hoped that we won't start to fight when we're under the pressure to win. That will make things turn bad for us.

I really anticipated the game...............
And this part of the story ends here.
I'll continue writing some other time. Till then, take care!