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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Story Behind It

Assalammualaikum wrt wbt.
Remember PMR History syllabus?

Parameswara, the Prince of Palembang which was ruled by Majapahit, ran to Temasik (Singapore).
There, he was treated nicely by Temagi, the ruler of Temasik. At that time, Temasik was under the power of the Siamese.

Now, what happened then?
The history goes that Parameswara killed Temagi, to get Temasik under his rulings.
But when Siam got to know that their representative, Temagi was killed, thet sent a troop to Temasik to capture Parameswara.
Parameswara then ran to Malaya and settled down in Malacca.
He built an empire in Malacca, and later started sending "protection money" to Siam so that they wont come and attack Malacca.

Now, time to think (or maybe imagine....)
Parameswara, the prince who managed to build Malacca, must be a smart man.
Even if not very smart, he can't be stupid, can he?
Why then, did he "foolishly" kill Temagi to get Temasik? Obviously he knew that Temasik is under Siam's ruling, and Siam was a VERY powerful country at that time, why then did he find trouble?
There was no way he can escape from killing Temagi could he?

Now, imagination comes in.
Who knows, Temagi actually flirted with Parameswara's wife or perhaps daughter at that time...
Then Parameswara was challenged, and killed Temagi.
Sounds logic right?
It's just like those Chinese Dynasties. The history is one thing, the story behind it is another.
Be it the admiral fell in love with the enemy's princess, or one of the 500 emperor's concubines.
Or one of the concubines tried to kill the empress to get the emperor's attention.
Or one of the princes tried to overthrow his own father so that he can be crowned.
Or anything at all.... (ok ok, maybe this is kinda too fairy tale but it can still happen, i'm sure)
There are reasons in every single thing that happen in this world.

So, i am vry sure something happened btw Temagi and Parameswara more than 800 yrs ago.
But the history i studied at school just stated that Parameswara wanted to overthrow Temagi, which for me is a very very foolish act.

Ok, i'm sorry that i really didnt do any extra reading before writing this. I dont know if any of our historian described what really happened but MOST Malaysian children only know what was taught at school, and that includes me.

p/s: Been long since i write. Haiz.. Exam in 2 weeks time, die die... A lot more to study.
I cant wait for 13th March, but I dont want 12th March to come. Can?



freestyler.driz said...

salam dear akmar :D

AkMaR said...

12th March is............................
my SUMMATIVE exam day!!
And also ada la org tu pnya birthday...

ImanMuhammad said...

aish...ko suker sejarah rupernya.
jap bila fikir balik,ingat tok janggut tak? x logik tok janggut dibunuh disebabkan HANYA tak nak bayar cukai tanah..haha:) pastu bunuh depan org ramai..and buang jauh2 pulau seberang..
takkan lah tok janggut yg alim skola lama2 kat arab ,rela dibunuh sbb sayangkan duit..(banyak nye ilmu sejarah diseleweng..kihkih..)

Bryan Khoo Seng Kiew said...

History is a stupid thing... Parameswara is a hero even though he killed Temagi...

In my Malaysian Study subject

Salah satu faktor kejayaan Parameswara ialah berani mengambil risiko
'Umpamanya, peristiwa pembunuhan Temagi membuktikan bahawa Parameswara merupakan seorang pemimpin yang berani mengambil risiko. "

he commit a dosa la... now even compliment him for taking risk...

Oleh itu, kalau hari ini pemimpin tertinggi kita bunuh orang atau guna bomb untuk menghapuskan seseorang juga tiada salahnya... kerana dia berani ambil risiko???

AkMaR said...

Ha? Berani mengambil risiko by killing is made a good value?
That's rubbish...

Yea, the act of killing itself is a sin, a HUGE one and so i dont think Parameswara shd be made a hero bcos of that. But, i believe there must be another reason behind the killing. I believe there are hidden dramas behind the murder. And so, Parameswara must not be blamed yet, until the truth is revealed (which i hv no idea how will it happen)...

Aniisah IMU said...

ape2 perkara pun boleh dilihat dari banyak sudut. people can force you to read/learn/watch something but it's our c.h.o.i.c.e to believe. i love this entry!