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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pre Amazing Craze

I know this is a terribly late post but I STUBBORNLY STILL WANT TO WRITE ABOUT IT.

Anyway, IMU Muslim Society in collaboration with the Student Rep Council and Stdnt Service if i'm not mistaken, held an Amazing Craze on 27th March 2010. The game is a mimick of the Amazing Race but it's IMU edition and it's held in conjunction with the Earth Week. Each team consists of only two members and I got my husband to be my partner!! Yeay...!! The first prize was 2 tickets to Langkawi, 2nd was two tickets to Genting Highland and 3rd was two tickets to Sunway Lagoon. Me and my husband aimed the Sunway ticket bcos it's been a long time since we've been there, and we've never been there together.

And so, few weeks before the game, we started jogging! Uh wow.. I've nvr jog in the park near IMU before but i jogged bcos we wanted the Sunway ticket. We jogged for about 2-3 evenings per week. Running up the Bukit Komanwel made me realise that my stamina is very very low. I dared not stop jogging bcos I know perfectly well, once i stop i wont be able to start again. I'd better jog until i really cant move my leg anymore.

The game will take place in Kuala Lumpur city, and we weren't allowed to use our own transport. We need to use public transport and i'm because both me and my husband are from KL and we are very quite   familiar with public transport in KL. That gave us a plus mark.

Both of us also can communicate well, and will not quarrel with each other and so, i trust or at least hoped that we won't start to fight when we're under the pressure to win. That will make things turn bad for us.

I really anticipated the game...............
And this part of the story ends here.
I'll continue writing some other time. Till then, take care!



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